Laser cleaning

A revolutionary high-tech laser technology, which as a result of continuous improvements and price reductions, is becoming increasingly accessible to both industrial customers and smaller companies. Worldwide delivery, instalation, training and service support

Why laser cleaning?

Laser cleaning offers a non-aggressive, environmentally friendly and inexpensive

  • No damage to the underlying material
  • Low operating costs max. 1 EUR / hour
  • Minimal temperature influence on the underlying material
  • Long service interval
  • Easy operation

Our range of ROD industrial cleaning lasers

Prices of ROD cleaning lasers range from 25 000€ to 250 000€

  • Arrange testing and inspection of lasers
  • Or send us samples that we will test for free
  • Together we will choose the most suitable laser
  • We will prepare a proposal for you
  • We will install the equipment and provide training
  • Performance
  • Peak power
  • Wavelength

ROD 200W

  • 200 W
  • 232kW (?)
  • 1064 nm
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ROD 300W

  • 300 W
  • 232kW (?)
  • 1064 nm
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ROD 500W

  • 500 W
  • 2500kW (?)
  • 1064 nm
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ROD 1000W

  • 1000W
  • 2500kW (?)
  • 1064 nm
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  • 50 W
  • 10kW (?)
  • 1064 nm
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ROD 100W

  • 100 W
  • 10kW (?)
  • 1064 nm
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You don't want to buy a cleaning laser?

No problem, we also accept orders to clean small batches of just a few items.
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Focused laser beam technology

Laser cleaning works on the principle of laser ablation, by which individual molecular bonds are broken down and released from the surface.
Thanks to high intensity laser pulses of a few nanoseconds, the surface impurities are heated very quickly, which causes evaporation, but also creates local explosions that remove the impurities from the surface.

Our lasers clean and remove

  • Fats
  • Separators
  • Rust and oxidation
  • Paint
  • Ink
  • Oil
  • Dried polyurethane foam
  • Lacquers and adhesives
  • Natural and synthetic rubbers
  • Grease

Almost no waste material is produced by laser cleaning because most of the impurities evaporate, and thanks to the high efficiency of the laser resonators used, the cleaning process has very low operating costs. Unlike other methods, only a 230 V power supply is required for laser cleaning. Laser cleaning is a non-contact, non-abrasive method that is very gentle on the underlying surface of the material. As the effect of the laser radiation on the material is material dependent, the cleaning parameters can be set to ensure that the underlying surface remains undamaged after cleaning.

How the cleaning works

Focused laser beam technology

500W laser cleaning system ROD 500

Cleaning silicone and adhesives

ROD 300 cleaning tube from soldering paste

Soldering paste removal

2000W laser cleaning system

Worlds most powerful handheld cleaning laser

100W laser cleaning system ROD 100

Capabilities of ROD 100

Narran ROD 200 application

Flux removal and pre-welding applications

Removal of separators and dried polyurethane molds

ROD 500 equipped to a robotic arm

Oil pollution removal using ROD 500

Marine parts laser cleaning

Restoration with no damage to surface material

Restoration and rust removal

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All components are from the EU

Built in the Czech Republic – Sent worldwide

Narran is a Czech company that was founded in 2013 for the purpose of developing and manufacturing its own laser systems, automation, construction of single-purpose machines and sales of laser equipment, especially from foreign manufacturers.

Our team consists of experienced experts, engineers who understand their work and, thanks to many years of experience, solve any customer requirement.

Depending on the needs of the application, we can design and integrate the laser into production lines, build an automated workplace or deliver a portable mobile laser for a wide range of applications.

We also have laser cleaners in our Prague office, where we can perform cleaning of small batches of just a few items. If you are choosing a laser cleaner for your business, we will be happy to show you the machine in action and discuss all your questions with you.

You can find more about us on the Narran website.

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